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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Edmonds, WA

full dentures implants diagram at Edmonds Dental Studio in Edmonds WashingtonIf most of your teeth are missing or damaged hopelessly or if you have a certain oral condition, Dr. Hasan Dbouk at Edmonds Dental Studio may recommend full mouth construction to replace and/or restore all of your teeth.

Full mouth reconstruction combines restorative dentistry with cosmetic dentistry and aims to improve the function, health and aesthetics of your mouth.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction typically involves a series of procedures that provides a holistic treatment to your decayed or damaged teeth, gums with active disease, and other complications in your mouth. It is important to understand that full mouth reconstruction is not just done to give you a beautiful smile; it is meant for people who have certain medical issues, but cosmetic restorations may also be part of the treatment.

Who is Eligible for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

At Edmonds Dental Studio, we offer a number of procedures that are part of full mouth reconstruction for people who have comprehensive dental and periodontal issues. These patients may have many missing teeth, multiple teeth with large cavities, decayed or broken teeth, or severely worn enamel.

Full mouth reconstruction is also used to treat people who are born with certain conditions like malocclusion, ectodermal dysplasia, dentinogenesis imperfecta, and amelogenesis that require extensive mouth restorations.

Treatment Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some of the treatments methods that are performed as part of a full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation include:
•  Onlays: This procedure involves the placement of ceramic onlays to fix a decayed tooth with a moderate-to-large cavity. Onlays are custom-fitted restorative devices that are made exactly according to the shape of the cavity. Also known as indirect fillings, onlays are usually used to fix the back teeth and cover the pits and fissures as well as the cusps or points of the tooth.
•  Dentures: Dentures may be full or partial. Dentures are a good restorative option for missing teeth in individuals who are not eligible for dental implants. These are the simplest and most non-invasive ways to restore your teeth.
•  Dental Bridges: Dental bridges are dental prosthetics that bridge the gap between your teeth that is created by one or several missing teeth. These bridges are anchored to teeth adjacent to the gap and hold a single or multiple pontics or artificial teeth.
•  Dental Implants: Dental implants are screw-shaped prosthetics that are placed directly into the jawbone and offer superior support to the artificial tooth. Dental implants are the most effective, natural-looking and most comfortable prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth.
•  Gum/Osseous Surgery: This type of surgery involves treating infected gum and unhealthy or damaged bone in the mouth. It is also known as pocket reduction surgery and is performed to get rid of bacterial plaque that has encroached deep into the gum pockets.
•  Gum Contouring: A gum contouring surgery is performed to remove excess gum from your mouth. This minimally-invasive surgery is done to treat a gummy smile and involves shaving off the extra gum tissue. In addition, if you have gum disease and have receded gums, this surgery is done to restore the natural line of your gums.
•  Gum/Bone Grafting: This procedure is done to augment the periodontal tissues and bone tissues in the mouth that may have been lost due to disease or other factors. A grafting material is placed on the site of the missing tissue and enables the growth of the tissue.
•  Invisalign®: This treatment involves the use of a series of clear aligners that are custom-designed to fix minor alignment issues in the mouth. Invisalign treatment is a good alternative for metallic braces in some cases.

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A full mouth reconstruction is an extensive and complex process and is done to fix a wide range of periodontal and dental issues. If you are around Edmonds, WA and think you may require extensive work on your mouth, call Dr. Hasan Dbouk at Edmonds Dental Studio today by dialing (425) 775-1045.

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