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Immediate Tooth Replacement
Edmonds, WA

Smile that showing clean well aligned teeth from Edmonds Dental Studio in Edmonds, WAIf you have lost a tooth, Dr. Hasan Dbouk at Edmonds Dental Studio suggest immediate tooth replacement may be a viable treatment option for you.

What are Immediate Tooth Replacement Implants?

Immediate tooth replacement or immediate implant is a surgical process in which the implant and the artificial tooth are both placed in your mouth at the same time. This means that you do not have to be without your tooth for several months while your implant fuses with your jawbone and you can have your tooth — and an immediate smile — in about one or two hours.

What are Immediate Tooth Replacement Implants?

Patients who are missing teeth or have hopelessly damaged teeth should consider immediate tooth replacement as a viable dental restorative option.

At Edmonds Dental Studio, Dr. Hasan Dbouk understand that it can be very frustrating to be without a complete set of teeth for any length of time and we can offer you immediate tooth replacement as a highly effective, durable, and comfortable solution.

Once we have performed a thorough examination of your teeth, we can place an immediate implant directly after tooth extraction, if you have a healthy jawbone. In case of traditional dental implants, you will have to wait several months between the implant placement and artificial crown placement.

In addition, patients who have adequate jawbone density and do not have active gum disease are good candidates for immediate tooth replacement.

If you are interested in immediate dental implants but are not sure if you are eligible for it, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hasan Dbouk.

Benefits and Limitations of Immediate Tooth Replacement Procedure

There are several advantages of immediate dental implants over traditional dental implants:
•  You do not have to wait several months to get an artificial tooth.
•  You won’t have to wear a removable prosthetic to hide the gap in your smile.
•  It can help you save money on additional dental appointments.
•  It can help give you an immediate boost of self-confidence.

Immediate tooth replacement procedures also have a few limitations. You will initially be given a temporary crown that is slightly smaller than your full-size tooth, so that it doesn’t come into contact with your adjacent teeth and interfere with osseointegration between the implant and the jawbone.

You will have to avoid chewing from that side until we can place a permanent crown at a later date. However, this temporary tooth will be difficult to tell apart from your natural teeth.

In addition, there is a higher risk of implant failure in case the implant does not fully fuse to the jawbone. However, Dr. Hasan Dbouk will make sure that the likelihood of such a scenario is extremely low and will discuss all the pros and cons with you based on your unique dental health and circumstances.

How Long Do Immediate Tooth Replacements Last?

Your temporary tooth will need to be replaced once your implant is fully integrated with your jawbone. The permanent implant that you will receive after healing will last you for decades, possibly your lifetime, depending on your level of care.

This is why we emphasize that you maintain excellent oral hygiene at home and don’t skip your routine dental appointments with us.

Schedule an Appointment With Us

An immediate tooth replacement surgery offers you the benefit of getting a tooth immediately so that you can maintain the aesthetics of your smile. If you are around Edmonds, WA and interested in the process, call us at (425) 775-1045 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Hasan Dbouk!

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Immediate Tooth Replacement | Edmonds Dental Studio | Edmonds, WA
At Edmonds Dental Studio, we offer immediate tooth replacement as an option so you can maintain the aesthetics of your smile. Click here to learn more!
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